Weekly Meeting 14 Jun 2017

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  • Proposal put by JL to split into 3 overall areas of work:
    • Refugee Network
    • Community Networking
    • General services

Rest of meeting was a discussion of what each of the above major areas of work should cover, and roughly arranging ourselves into workgroups.

There was then a libremesh workshop.

Rest of this page is notes from the discussion of what is included in each project, and formation of workgroups:

Discussion of what each project is or should include

  • Refugee Network Project
    • Attempt to provide internet and maybe other services to refugee squats
    • Currently working in CP, 5th, Spirou Trikoupi, Kaningos, Notara, Platypus
    • Could include public spaces:
      • Navarino park community network
      • Panos interested in putting services in the 5th school park, install local server
      • Need of communicating something broadcast style * message board
  • Community Networking
    • questions:
    • Maria O. : what is a community network, how it will help me, why will people join
    • Build a community, but what happens next?
    • there are two organisations in ExarcheiaNet currently: an entity that facilitates CN confusingly called ExarcheiaNet, separate entity AsimakiFotilaNet
    • 3 or 4 clear tasks of outreach - talking to each location, see how they're interested in working together
    • Polytechnio contact
    • Necessary to separate CN and refugee network strategically
    • Still needs engagement
    • Could be a lot of different things, think about what we want it to be and how we want it to work
    • Get a list of people who will be on the thing
    • Asimaki Fotila Network -
      • Lemonade Stand
      • Should have own brand
      • Should build map
    • What is the requirement to join the network?
      • Guifi is very explicit: You have to be open to sharing, you have to participate in sharing with other people
    • Possible feature could be weekly broadcast for the street
    • There are different scales (e.g. local at street level, district. What is the relationship of organisations at different scales? Does one organisation facilitate a particular type of thing
    • Need clear terminology around different scales and relationships
    • People work together to meet their own needs - the Hotel Orion takes a lot of facilitation for providing something there is no need for
    • Makes more sense to have small CN working groups on area, and then facilitate connection between them when we need that
    • ExarcheiaNet name is ambiguous - is it a support/facilitation group, or is it a network in Exarcheia, or both?
  • Other stuff we could do
    • Services
    • OpenKi
    • Communications infrastructure
    • SOS system for emergency events
    • Communications / broadcast commuications
  • Knowledge Share, Skills, Services
    • Services like emergency services in squats
    • Local services like access infrastructure in Navarhino

People in each workgroup

    • Providing internet in public and social spaces including refugee housing, parks, stekis, social spaces: Lauren, Mayel, Kostas, James, Naomi
      • 5th: Panos
      • 5th school park internet access: Panos
      • 5th school park prototype bulletin board / message system: Panos
      • Navarino: James, Kostas
    • Refugee Squat Projects: Naomi
  • Community Network High Level : Nick, James, Luisa, Kostas
  • Community Network Manual / Methodology Working Group: Panos, James, Luisa
    • Network Map & Building Database & Gathering Interested Parties: Maria O.
    • AWMN Engagement: James
    • each area needs a technical person who can talk to the technical expert groups
      • Each group should be learning rather than have client / vendor relationship
    • AsimakiFotila Location: Luisa, Maria B., Maria O.
    • Lemonade Stand Maria, Luisa

  • Technical Group / Cross Group Serviecs ( Services / Education / Consultancy): Naomi, Nick, James, Kostas, Maria B.
    • Services only: Mayel
    • needs to device what their mission is
    • SKills list: Should we put our names on a list with our skills, so any time a group has a special need they can see who is available: Luisa
    • communication tool group: James, Luisa, Naomi (get everyone's Matrix ID in the working group tool)


  • Tech & Services: Monday 2pm
  • Refugee & Public Space Group: Wednesday 4pm
  • Community Networking: Wednesday 2pm
  • Monthly meetings in evening, everyone together, 13th of every month, in the evening 7pm