TechGroup Weekly Meeting 19 Jun 2017

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  • James: I don't have any agenda items for this meeting, but I intend to work a bit on a test Matrix client with vue.js or react and TypeScript. Also will be bugging Nick for progress on the workgroup tool and fiddling with that if it's ready to go.
  • Naomi:
    • 5ghz link to replace the failing one
    • Arrange to help non-geeks get onto matrix. Or create an email list
  • Nick: workgroup tool install on riotbox if incomplete. UI

Facilitating: JL

Present: JL, Naomi, Nick, Maria B


  • Nick away for two weeks from Sunday 25th June
  • Working on new Nethood <> Trikoupi link
  • Naomi / Maria / James worked on how to mount the TP Link routerboards outside - we got some cheap plastic boxes and started figuring out how to mount them and how to deal with power