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What is a community network

It's local network, collectively owned by your community, with a shared internet access

How to build your community network

What do you need

minimum 3 household, not far from each other, willing to participate. Some motivation

What to do next

  1. Gather interest in your local area, your street, your community.
    • Talk to your neighbours about the project
    • Print flyers or posters
    • Raise awareness about the political and social issues
  2. Collect information
    • Make a map of the different location and ask for each location:
      • How many users will use the connexion
      • Is there an existing internet connexion? if yes, which one? Is it possible to have a connexion?
      • Do you have access to the roof of the building?
      • Do you have direct line of sight towards an antenna from an existing network from the Exanet project?
  3. Design your network
    • Determine of you will connect your different locations together, what kind of material do you need?
      • Use the booklet provided by Exanet, explaining the different options availbale
      • =>What will be your start-up cost?
    • From where will you get your bandwidth from?
      • From an existing connection? Creating one? connecting to the Exanet backbone?
      • =>What will be your running cost?
  4. Come and talk
    • Bring your map and your network design
    • Get your set-up "approved"
  5. Ordering initial material
    • Exanet will order the material for you
    • Get the money ready!
  6. Final set-up
    • Once the material is there, organize a "wifi afternoon" to set up the whole thing
    • Someone from Exanet with technical knowledge will come
    • Gather as much participant as you can
    • Have a first try-out of the network in a single room, to see how the different pieces come together
    • Build your network "for real"
    • Try to share as much knowledge as possible about how this thing works
    • Have a session about common problems/troubleshooting in order to ease the maintenance afterwards

That's it, you are good to go!


For those that are not in english, you can use google translator: