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For access points, two sections of hardware:

  • Low cost / open source / higher management cost & time investment / no cloud management / no centralised usesr control panel : Look at AR150, WR703, TP Link 801, Supported TP Link devices here:
  • expect to spend ~20-30 per access point


  • Medium cost / closed source proprietary / low time investment / cloud management / very good basic user mointoring and management : Look at Ubiquiti Unifi range

For wifi links, three main options:

  • Low cost device + home made antenna or low cost flat directional antenna. Expect to pay ~20-30 for device, ~20-30 for antenna
  • Medium cost device - all Unifi medium range equipment, Nanostation, 'Air' range, etc. are excellent, expec tot pay ~60-150 per device
  • High cost semi-professional, more configurable harder to manage, not open source: Mikrotik Router + Dedicated discrete mini pci wifi card + dedicated antenna, expect to pay ~100-200 per node, but each node can take several antennas
  • High cost semi-professional, easier to deploy but not as configurable: Ubiquiti devices 150EUR +

Wifi Router

TP Link WDR4310 non retail, with no casing

This is an excellent price point device for OpenWRT and general purpose 2.4 & 5GHz access point & routing

Cheap USB powered wifi repeater



vendor & hardware recommendations from Rob Sheather