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The goal of this group is to deploy access networks in popular locations that will offer both free Internet access and local services including information about the Exarcheia Net project.

The two first target locations are:

  • The park and playground next to 5th school
  • The Navarinou Park

Strategy / Engagement Ideas

Idea to talk to all community / public spaces in Exarcheia to see if they want to join an 'ExarcheiaNet' or start their own community network.

Benefits to them are:

  • Public Access - low cost/free access for all people in their community and in surrounding public space
  • Idealogical - Community / private owned infrastructure
  • Lower Cost


Design experimental splash pages to show up automatically (or through an advertised local URL) when people connect to Exarcheia Net's access networks.

Intro message


Available applications

Collaborative editing (Etherpad), File sharing (Next cloud), etc.