Libremesh workshop in Athens - June 12-16th

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In June 12-16th, experts in the field of Community Networks from all over the world, including Juergen Neumann (co-founder of and four core Libremesh developers also active in various community networks around the world (,,, will visit the Exarcheia Net initiative in Athens to share their experiences and knowledge.

In addition to self-organized hands-on workshop, there will be the following related events:

  • a panel at Universse 2017 (with Juergen Neumann and Nicolas Pace), June 11th, 12h15. See details
  • a public event at Exarcheia (with all guests present), June 12th, 19h00. See details
  • a technical workshop at (with the libremesh team) on June 13th, 19h00. See details
  • the regular WiFi Wednesdays with the participation of our guests, June 14th, 14h00

Public introductory workshop at Exarcheia

Date: June 12, 2017

Time: 19h00

Location/host: Nosotros

Title: DIY Networking: Building an alternative self-organized Internet from the bottom-up

Detailed description is available here.

Technical workshop at

Date: June 13, 2017

Time: 19h00


Host: Nikos Roussos

This workshop will focus on the technical dimension and more specifically on the importance of libremesh as an open source, free, and libre firmware for building community mesh networks.

Detailed description is available here.

Self-organized Libremesh hands-on workshops

Date: June 13-15, 2017

In addition to the aforementioned public events, there will be a hands-on workshop for using libremesh as the core component of Exarcheia Net, including hands-on tutorials, node installations, etc.

The exact agenda of the workshops will be decided by the main participants and the schedule will be announced at the event at Nosotros in June 12th.

Network topology and deployment plans before/during the libremesh workshop. See the pad.


About Exarcheia Net

Exarcheia Net is a new (wireless) Community Network (CN), which was born out of a very concrete and immediate need, the provision of Internet connectivity to the numerous refugee squats that are found in this special neighbourhood in Athens.

But the objectives of Exarcheia Net go beyond providing Internet connectivity to these places and include the following:

  • novel grassroots institutions like cooperative, non-profits, associations for facilitating sharing of Internet access among groups of people
  • piloting and prototyping a new type of neighbourhood/district-level community network that includes physical spaces and regular face-to-face meetings for governance, training and engaging people, cultural activities, etc
  • demystification of technology and emancipation of citizens in building and operating their own ICT infrastructures


Freifunk is one of the first community networks and the only one that kept growing since then while keeping a horizontal and open governance structure, reaching today over 40000 nodes all over Germany and neighbouring countries. See their website

About Libremesh

Libremesh is a FLOSS firmware for community networks that aims to make it easy to deploy mesh networks and choose among a wide variety of routing protocols according to the environment. The same community has received support to build their own open router, the Librerouter. See project's website