ExarcheiaNet Working Group Policy

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General principles:

  • Self driven, not directed
  • Fun/play, not 'work'
  • Share knowledge (no stupid questions, spend time teaching)
  • Sustainable

Workgroup Policy

A workgroup is a group of one or more people that has:

  • A title (few words descriptive name - e.g. Technial, Organisationsal Structure)
  • A description of what the group does (long form, e.g. 'To work on researching and designing a business plan for Bob's coffee shop')
  • A facilitator
  • A list of members (starts with first members
  • An 'opt in' agreement (The minimum condition required to be in this group. 'You should be actively involved in running or investing in Bob's coffee shop or live in the community around the shop')
  • Zero or more other workgroups or projects contained in it 'Choosing a coffee making machine'